Josie offered me space and acceptance of all that arose within me in our sessions together. I was able to vulnerably navigate my emotions, with care and insight, and move forward with actionable steps that Josie and I partnered on. 

I feel more clear, confident and connected, and in touch with my emotions. I really appreciated how she gave me space to unravel and deepen my awareness of key emotions coming up for me. 

[ ES- Guide To Wholeness - FEC Session ]

I had a lot of resistance to exploring IPH, but my body held deeper knowing that it was worth exploring and I'm so grateful that I followed that little intuition! The pelvic area is such a tender place and I felt completely safe to allow myself to be led by Josie. She is very gentle and her guidance through the exercise was on point, allowing me to explore this aspect of my body with a depth and awareness that I have never experienced before. 

The guided dream journey at the conclusion of our session was incredibly powerful and visionary, and I left with a renewed honor and respect for the inherent wisdom and intuition of the female body. I truly believe every woman should experience this type of connection to their body and Josie's intuitive and nurturing guidance was exactly what I needed in order to open up. 

[CK- IPH Session ]

Josie gently and proficiently guided me through the process that ended with me owning that "God Damn, Yes I can [!!!] be alone and thrive!!!

I had an image of myself standing with strength and centeredness as a lush and tall tree, deeply rooted in rich loamy earth. It was so empowering and beneficial for me to experience.

[ SB- FEC Session ]

My feminine embodiment session with Josie was incredible. I arrived without expectation and left feeling better than I thought possible from an hour of interaction. Josie created a calm, safe space that promoted inner reflection and healing. 

I felt more in touch with my emotions and in better recognition of how to be with and experience them after our session. Even weeks later, I felt significant improvement in my overall level of anxiety. I would highly recommend embodiment coaching with Josie! 

[LA- FEC Session]

I went into my session with Josie with curiosity and interest!

I wanted to see what came up and didn't have any specific thoughts about something to address. Josie is a thoughtful, gentle, and caring guide in this work. She intuitively guided me at a pace that honored each step.

Through guided reflection and inquiry, she helped me access some grief I hadn't realized was in my body and emotions. My session was really healing and helpful. I've done various movement practices for most of my life and found Josie's guidance loving and supportive. I highly recommend working with her! 

[PD- Silvermoon Photography - FEC Session]

I felt very seen and calm while in the safe space for explorations that Josie created. She is very warm and soothing, and knows just the right questions to ask to guide me to the answers I seek! It felt so seamless the way she moved me through my inner world and feelings. 

I gained great insights and had a couple “aha” moments just in the one session I did with her! I definitely trust her to hold a secure container for me and I’m so grateful for her natural ability to make someone feel so comfortable and guided. Thank you, Josie! 

[LR - Divinely Doing - FEC session ]

"Josie has a soft presence that is nurturing and wise. If you're seeking a Feminine Embodiment Coach to help you access your internal wisdom, I'd highly recommend working with Josie"  

Josie is a wonderful facilitator of Integrative Pelvic Health, and I wholeheartedly recommend her work. She guides her sessions with grounded body knowledge and a beautiful intuitive insight into what the client needs at the moment. 

If you are looking to connect with your pelvic bowl, your body, and your intuition in a compassionate and safe space, then this is the offer for you.  

[Sanya - Intergrative Pelvic Health Instructor/Embodied Healing Arts ]

Josie's soft and grounded presence welcomed me into safety immediately, allowing my body to let go and show up authentically without judgment. After expressing my current focus, working with and around my voice and throat chakra, Josie personalised the flow, and playlist while incorporating sound to compassionately support this desire more intimately. It was potent and I left the session feeling liberated, vibrant yet calm, and deeply connected to myself. Josie walks this path beside you, her openness is felt and your body doesn't require permission to move, there is freedom and spaciousness. Josie is a gifted practitioner and I wholeheartedly recommend her guidance and the container she creates.  

[AD- Somatic Movement & Ecstatic Dance Session]

Josie holds such a gentle container for all aspects of self to be seen, witnessed, and alchemized into deeper embodiment. 

In our sessions, my body feels safe and at ease to welcome and explore parts of myself that I otherwise find very challenging and difficult to navigate. Her guidance in our explorations always lead to deeper insights into my authenticity and truth.

She is truly a gifted practitioner of the embodied arts, if you are feeling the pull to explore the realm of your body in the safety of a compassionate witness, trust that you are in the right hands with Josie. 

[CK- FEC Session]

Josie is someone I immediately felt comfortable working with. I am particular about the coaches I work with and from the start, it felt natural to work with Josie and trust her to hold space for some of my more vulnerable shares. This allowed me to go deeper in my sessions more quickly than I expected.

I appreciate Josie’s natural ability to see me where I am at, without judgment. I have a tendency to jump around and feel scattered in my thoughts but Josie skillfully led me in a direction that allowed me to go beneath the surface and reach the roots of the experience.

Her approach to Feminine Embodiment Coaching has helped me move into action. Thank you Josie! 

[JN- FEC Session ]

Josie’s coaching style is a breath of fresh air! She holds so much space PERFECT for a deep-diver like myself! Not many coaches are comfortable with silence during a somatic/embodiment session but Josie has this down to a T! Her embodied resonance is pure safety and surrender. 

She follows her intuitive guidance, which allows the session to flow exactly where it needs to go and makes our coaching sessions so powerful and transformative!

You can tell she walks the walk with her own transformation and healing journey, the exact qualities I look for in a coach! 

[M - Wholesome Living - FEC Session]

I regularly practice yoga, but this was my first encounter with goddess yoga, and what a treat! In Josie's presence with her genuine nature, any self-consciousness simply melts away. I felt held and guided as I was transported by this feminine practice and Josie's hypnotic tone. I was able to experience my body's innate expression through the luscious hip and heart openers and I've come to the realisation I need more of this in my life! The delicate transition between postures and free movement paired beautifully with the curated playlist, and the free flow felt liberating in comparison to a vinyasa flow, this allowed me to encompass and embody what was present in the moment fully. I loved all the rituals interwoven through the session, awakening the senses and giving that feel of "me time". If you are ready to come home to your body and surrender your feminine energy, you are in the right space. I would highly recommend Josie. 

[AD- Goddess Yoga Session ]