1:1 Offerings

1:1 Embodiment Coaching & Integrative Pelvic Health® sessions 

I offer personalized 1:1 embodiment sessions based on what you wish to lean into for accessing your body knowledge. Our sessions can be facilitated in a traditional 1:1 setting or we can focus our attention on a movement-based session featuring somatic movement or Goddess Yoga.

My focus of work is based on increasing self-respect and love, body respect and love, and keying into our innate wisdom held within our pelvic center. I am especially interested in working with women who have had hysterectomies and desire to deepen their connection to their energetic womb space. I had a hysterectomy in 2024 and have found that these practices have been beneficial in my recovery journey.

Certifications and Qualifications

Integrative Pelvic Health® facilitator - Embodied Healing Arts
Feminine Embodiment Coach- School of Embodied Arts
Goddess Yoga Instructor-  Goddess Yoga International
Heal Through Dance  Facilitator- Heal Through Dance

My coaching is based on and influenced by what I have learned from these programs with a personal touch added. 

Feminine Embodiment Coaching

Why do I want 1:1 Coaching?

Both modalities will bring awareness to both our masculine and feminine energies. Yes! We have both energies within us at all times, but just like a muscle, sometimes we have one that is a little stronger or more defined than the other. In our sessions, we work together to build awareness and use tools to work these energies, build bodily awareness, and welcome our felt senses. In doing so, we establish a more harmonious and balanced relationship with these energies. Both masculine energy and feminine energy are useful and important. Both energies should be celebrated, and both energies should be utilized in our human experience.

Integrative Pelvic Health® Sessions

Why experience an Integrative Pelvic Health® session?

This method is for you if you yearn to...

Benefits of Integrative Pelvic Health®

Embodied Movement Sessions

Experience embodiment through movement with Somatic Movement/Ecstatic Dance or Goddess Yoga®



I am a trauma-aware practitioner but am not ideal for someone who is looking for a trauma therapist.

The modalities that I'm training in are not to be considered therapy, nor should I be looked at as a trauma therapist.

If you wish to work with me and you have had a lot of trauma in your life for which you have not seen a trauma therapist we may not be the best fit until after you have seen a licensed trauma therapist. I am best to work with if one has already done processing of trauma or has done ample shadow work (Established a solid foundation) and would like to continue building up nervous system capacity (adding on).

I reserve the right, at any time, to discontinue our session if I feel that the topic is beyond my expertise and I will recommend that you seek out a qualified professional. I have resources and a network in which to utilize to help you find the appropriate practitioner to work with.

Our work is to help raise your nervous system capacity and increase awareness of your felt sense in a sustaining and nourishing way.