Your Guide

"I hope your heart will always be lined with happyness."

Welcome to this safe space where you can bring your authentic, vulnerable self. All feelings are supported and valid, even the ones that make us feel the most uncomfortable, and sometimes those are exactly the emotions we need to feel in order to find happyness. During our time together we will explore many emotional layers -even the unpleasant ones- as safely as possible, so you can embody yourself, your happyness, and your life.

My name is Josie and I am your Wise Woman Guide as we navigate your personal embodiment journey.

I am here to take the mystery out of experiencing embodiment and to support you on your adventure of opening yourself up and fully immersing yourself within your felt senses. I will support you in taking the steps toward feeling safe enough to allow yourself to feel and experience all of the wisdom that your body holds.

In 2018 I experienced the sudden loss of my father, who passed from a tragic accident, resulting in my whole world crumbling around me. Going through that shocking loss resulted in a buildup of armor and frozen tension. I was unable to grieve and I experienced tremendous anxiety and depression. Once the dust settled and I realized how disconnected I became from myself, I knew I had to find a way to “come back to me” again.  I longed to feel a zest for life, to feel joy and happiness, to feel passion! I desperately wanted to feel something other than numbness.

I had to accept in order to live my life to the fullest - I would have to find the courage to feel and allow myself to live as my authentic self. 

For me, safety was wearing a mask around others and hiding my authentic self from them, and I would show the world a version of myself that I thought was what they wanted to see and experience. I realized I had to acknowledge all of the frozen tension and armor built up around me from years of trauma starting from the age of 4 and continuing into my youth, teens, and adult years. All of those layers had crammed me into a box I no longer desired to fit into. 

Have you lived years of your life hiding from your true self? Hiding your authentic self from others? I know I have. It’s exhausting!  

I spent the next couple of years investing in self-education with online programs and books covering movement, free-form dance, sexuality, desire, womb work, spirituality, energy work, and shadow work. A few things would resonate here and there, but I still felt a bit lost, like I was missing something. During that time I worked with a 1:1 coach and realized deep in my bones, that my calling was to share my journey and become a certified coach.

This was a path I had wanted to walk for many years, and one day the perfect program found me and provided me with the tools and foundation I needed in order to bring my dream to fruition.

I offer supportive and safe 1:1 containers that allow for vulnerability and exploration of the felt senses. In our container, we create space that allows for one to cultivate a deeper relationship and respect for their inner Wise Human. We work together to build a solid foundation where one can feel safe expressing their emotions and feelings, unravel their tender threads, and cultivate space for personal depth and expansion.

I’m also called to work with those who desire to develop a more open, comfortable, and loving relationship with their physical bodies and their pelvic bowl/womb. Many of my traumas led me to feel disconnected from my body, uterus, cervix, and pleasure. I know my personal work in this area will be lifelong, and because of my familiarity with it, I know I can hold a solid, supportive container for those looking for this kind of exploration and work.

I am a human who has experienced multiple traumas during the course of my life: sexual abuse, rape, sexual assault, divorce, death of a parent, trauma to the uterus and cervix due to IUDs, and a uterine fibroid diagnosis, and I've walked the path of depression, anxiety, and eating disorders.

These experiences have all shaped the human that I am and have given me life lessons to learn and grow upon, but they do not define me.
Traumas do not define YOU.
I feel what defines me is my desire to live as my true, authentic self.
To listen to the powerful words of my inner Wise Woman and believe in my abilities, my strength, and my capacity to love and be loved.

What defines you? 

The experience gained in the training I have completed and am currently enrolled in has given me beautiful tools I use daily to live a fuller, more embodied life. Each day is ripe with new possibilities! My ability to let myself deeply feel all my emotions and feelings, including the uncomfortable ones, has grown tremendously. This has allowed me to move beyond tension and avoidance and into a state where I can comfortably express myself and allow my authenticity to shine.

I invite you to explore embodiment with me as there is much to discover! On this journey, you get to choose your adventure and what you wish to focus on. The best part is that you will not go through this alone! You will have my support and I will share with you practical tools and exercises that you can use to build up your embodiment toolbox.

This is your story and I would be honored to hold space for you while we navigate embodied living together.

How will you express yourself?

If you feel a call to work with me I invite you to book a discovery session with me. During our time in this session, we will discuss what you wish to explore and answer any questions you may have about what our 1:1 container would look like.

The story of utilizing the word Happyness is one that came from trying to find something positive in a situation filled with sadness. On Father's Day in 2018, I found a letter that he had written to me when I was very young- and one of the lines in that letter was "I hope your heart will always be lined with happyness." 

He had misspelled the word "happiness" with a Y and I decided that in my creation of a space where I could be as vulnerable and open as I wanted, I would honor him by using a Y in happiness. I wanted to honor him as he inspired me to take the next steps in figuring out tender parts of my life. His passing is what inspired me to take the steps that I have to live life to the fullest capacity I can. This meant diving deep into topics that I found great interest in, or was affected by on a personal level.