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"I hope your heart will always be lined with happyness."

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Feminine Embodiment Coaching

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I offer spacious embodiment exploration through 1:1 coaching or embodied movement containers.

My method of 1:1 coaching, regardless of modality, provides you ample space to feel and explore. This means I will prompt and guide you, but it also means that you are given time to be curious and process.

In our 1:1 container, you will learn tools to safely explore the felt senses while exercising your embodiment muscle so you can work towards greater stamina and capacity for experiencing emotions, feelings, and pleasure. 

If you desire to build a deeper connection to your pelvis and womb space, Integrative Pelvic Health® is a wonderful way to deepen your bond with this area. With Integrative Pelvic Health® we use exercises that attune you to this intimate area along with a dream journey to integrate.

If you desire an embodiment practice that is body-based, I offer personalized 1:1 embodied movement sessions in either Somatic Movement/Ecstatic Dance or Goddess Yoga® if you desire to explore embodiment and personal connection with movement-based practice.

We can use these modalities, separate or together, to build a stronger connection and relationship with YOU.
[Body, Mind, Feelings, and Emotions]